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venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Closet makeover in 7 steps

Here little tips to clear your closet for spring or fall cleaning, follow the rules to have the perfect closet.

1. Clear your closet: take off the clothes that you won't use anymore
2. Store away in boxes the pieces that you don't need in this season couse they're too for summer or for winter
3. Organize your jewerly (if you have a room closet)
4. Personalize your closet (art work,collage,photos that you like) click here for project ideas.
5. Get matching hangers
6. Color ordinate or what I prefer is the item ordinate ( ordinate evrey category of item together)
7. Display your favourite/new pieces in the front

lunedì 9 settembre 2013

My new little puppy

He's my little puppy is 3 months old and he's name is Trinky.
He's sweet and super cute and I have it from 2 days aahah
He will beacome a medium size.
Like all the dogs it smells really bad ahaha is almost like bacon and I can't wait to wash him this afternoon, I will probably buy something like a smelling good shampoo and maybe he will smell like flowers, I hope couse his smell is really strange.
UH I can't forget my other little animal (is in the back) is a guinea pig and is like 6 years now, yeah it's really old but is still super cute.

giovedì 5 settembre 2013

FALL in love with make up

Hey girls Fall is almost here and that's why I'm beggining with the fall series that I called FALL in love aahhaha.
I'm gonna show you a lot of different things like make-up and fashion trends, recipe for the lunch after school and also DIY (I love them)

So as you can read this is about Make up yeep
This make-up is really simple dark burgundy lips and super simple eyes (only mascara)

 This make up look is totally on trend so rock it in the fall winter season like a queen :)

The Trend Factor: Back to school in trend


Too much black ? absoloutly not

Uniqlo purple plaid shirt, €23
Denim Jacket, €19 / J Brand cargo jeans, €365
Dr. Martens dr martens boots, €84
Marc by Marc Jacobs black drawstring backpack, €245
Black ribbed beanie, €5,89
Armani Privé lip stick, €24
Sleeveless t shirt

Here's the first outfit, super in trend but at the same time perfect for an high school/college student yeah

The trends :
-Dark lips
-Black and White
-The boots (Dr. Martens)
-Grunge Backpack

So as you can see is super trendy right :)


Floral cult

Cut out shirt
€59 - cherrycherry.com

Zip jacket
€33 - fashionunion.com

Topshop high waisted jeans
€49 - topshop.com

Madewell white shoes
€34 - madewell.com

H M vegan leather handbag
€24 - hm.com

Beanie hat
€26 - 80spurple.com

Here's the second outfit I lalalalove it

The Trends:
-Bomber jacket
-Big bag
-Acid wash jeans

Grunge classics

Black tee
€26 - inlovewithfashion.com

Mackage leather moto jacket
€245 - theoutnet.com

Rag & Bone ivory pants
€74 - roanshop.com

Leather footwear
€105 - windsorsmith.com.au

Kate Spade zipper top
€59 - couture.zappos.com

Here's the third outfit

The Trends:
-Jeans Patchwork
-Grunge footwear

I love this three outfits I do them with Polivore and I hope do you like them, I will post more outfits maybe with my clothes I have to do a lot of shopping but here the weather isn't very cold yet so I will post them maybe after the begging of the school :(( yes school I'm not so exited but I'm exited for the outfits that I would wear this fall and all the candles that I will buy and yeah also for the I <3 fall tag will coming soon after the back to school series in october.

Happy Fall