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martedì 27 agosto 2013

The Trend Factor: Nude


Nude by martylove10

Emporio Armani single button blazer, €275

From rose powder, to the sand beige all the cromatic gradations of the nude color are perfect for the winter; on leather, chiffon and day or night trench.
All the neutral tones are essential and elegant at the same time, also with same colour accessorize we can't go wrong. 
More outfits and looks next. 


The Trend Factor: Crochet


Black pullover, €25
Comme des Garçons floral print sweater, €260
Floral print sweater, €25

Pull is cool is the watchword for this winter. Wool a 'go-go' and a lot of sweaters and pullover perfect for keep us warm.
The new version is the one with lovely flowers like the one that our grandmothers did when we were little.
Super rétro' and romantic, A little bet to grandson ?  It depends on how you stile it, for exeple in the first photo the style is a little bet too grandson but in the second one the style is a lot more urban also if is a floral crochet sweater.
So style them as you want to appear and have fun with all the type of crochet you like the most.
New outfit next.

domenica 25 agosto 2013

The Trend Factor: Bags, Mini or Maxy ??

Maxy VS Mini

Is really hard to decide the winner of this new epic war, one it's so big, you can take in it what you want but then the hard is  finding it, so much time wasted with the head in a bag but now there is the new mini bag where you an take with you at least your telephone and some money (as you can see from the photo is as little as the model's hand)
I know for the one like me that always take with them all the things that will maybe deserve it's really hard just thinking to go out with a bag so much little like that.
So you will thinking some like in the middle ahhahah yeah it exsits and don't worry if you don't like the excess you can always where what you like .
If you follow the trends but you hate them you will never be fashionable.
Find what you like more and where it.
More outfit will coming soon don't worry.

The Trend Factor: what's the perfect skirt ?

The Pencil Skirt

1. Hermes
2.Dolce & Gabbana
Yes, one is the pencil skirt, Too film noir ? No it's super elegant perfect for a buisness woman with some stiletto and a blazer (in the same colour of the skirt; so chic) with a belt on it or not doesn't matter but remember the waist is too important to be ignored.
I know what you are thinking you are a teenager (or something near that) and you don't know how or when/where wear this or you think is too over the age, Yes maybe it will be better for not more teenager woman, but if you really like that you can wear it for a job interview if you have a little job maybe a work in a fashion shop (uh if you don't know what wear at a job interview I will do a post with some outfits for the right occasions couse a work in a pizza restourant is really different from an apprenticeship in a law firm)

The Midi Skirt

Leather flared skirt, €110

Yes, this is the other trend factor skirt, long just below the knees Always cuntersunk and fluffy.
Wear with.. a coat, a cardigan, a bustier or a little jacket absouloutly cuntersunk and super little waist .
A real tribute at 'the new look' of the Monsieur Dior, the silhouette that a lot of fashion designers have rivisited.
Elegance now like the 50'


The Trend Factor: Red


Who doesn't love red ?? It's a big trend and also, a little to be more sexy where red always, couse every man loves red and also every woman should love it.
Come back to the trends, the red and also the bright warm colours like orange and yellow are in the trends becuose they warm up the winter with their bright nuances.
So if you want to be super fashionable where red... maybe a red coats or a red bag; uh and remember that red is also one of the most important tartan colours.
What are you waiting for?? Go buy/wear  red, every man will fall to your feet and every fashion victim will see you as the queen of the style too bright to wear cristals ?!

venerdì 23 agosto 2013

The Trend Factor: Coats


1 Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 RTW Collection
3 Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 RTW Collection
4 Poppy Delevingne in Chanel
2 Prada RTW Fall 2013 Slideshow

In tweed, tartan, fur or bright colors they're a must for the winter if you don't want to breeze in the city here in the photo some high fashion coats but you don't have to need one super pricey, less expensive is a million times  better.
So take free your creativity and enjoy the winter breeze.

The Trend Factor: Military


Mackage moto jacket, €245
MICHAEL KORS Mohair-Wool Blend Camouflage Pullover In Military, €585
Michael Kors right photo, fall 2013, military and camo on the runway

Beautiful and super fashionable trend who doesn't love the military is super chic and casual depends on how you style it, perfect for every age if you are a young girl follow the style of the left photo isn't it perfect: White tee and all black with the hint of green of the military jacket.

Don't worry I will post next a lot of looks that mix and match the trends so you will know the trends perfectly.

The Trend Factor: Tweed


Oscar de la Renta lined jacket, €745
Rag & Bone rag bone jacket, €550 / Dorothy Perkins black cape, €83
Chanel clothing
Chanel photo,

Here's another big trend: the tweed personally I'm not a big fan of it but I think a little tweed jacket with some skinny jeans and simple accessorize (like a black shirt and some camel bag and shoes) like in the photo will rock the winter perfectly in trends
Don't worry I will post trend factor looks next now if you have some question leave them in the comment.

The Trend Factor: Tartan


Preen leather jacket, €1.405 
McQ by Alexander McQueen zip jacket, €840
Boohoo denim dungaree, €38
The Cambridge Satchel Company leather purse, €160
Stella McCartney photo, fall 2013 tartan on the runway

Beautifull perfect for the rock hearts, It's super fashionable if you know how to mix it perfectly a little advice wear only one tartan pieces in your outfit it will create more armony and if you whant to keep it simple go with the classic red tartan Always beautiful and super trendy.

If you don't know how style this don't worry I will post next more trend factor looks for now go here for  the beatiful look of Maria C. Rondinella .

The Trend Factor: Wild Touch

Wild Touch

MaxMara cotton jacket, €1.470
Christopher Kane leather jacket, €4.725
Enzo Angiolini shoes, €30
Black handbag
DKNY photo, fall 2013 animal prints on the runway

Fur Coats, jackets, bags, shoes and almost everything is wild touched for thi winter.
Mix & Match it with other trends like tartan & military, an advice ? Use only one animal piece in your outfit if you don't want to be too runwayed.
Don't worry I will next the trends post looks so you can know and use better the trends.

The Trend Factor: Crazy Fur & Feathers

Don't know how but I'm back I find an internet connection and now I'm gonna write a lot of post in less time couse I know everyone is really happy to know the rest of the trends yeahhh

Crazy Fur & Feathers

Karl Donoghue brown vest, €740 
Paul Andrew pointed toe ankle boots, €935 
3.1 Phillip Lim satchel handbag, €1.045
Green bangle, €35

So as the name is a super CRAZY trend right for this new season colourful and super crazy fur are admitted and they're all really fashionable you can find them everywhere on coats, bags, hats, shoes and the same is for feathers used like almost like fur also on the coats.
So space for creativity and craziness couse this winter will be colored only with you.

So sorry another time

Hi girls yeah I can't continue and finish The Trend Factor series, here my internet connection is almost finished and now I'm writing with a tablet, everything seems perfect when I find a little problem with polivor: I can't place and replace the immage couse of the tuch so I can't create a polivore set and I can't post anithing on the newtrends. I'm so sorry with you but also so sad couse I really wanted to finish this series for september and the back to school is finally here.
I will try to post in a way that now I don't really know if I will can't don't worry couse the 2 september I will return in Milan and I will post thedouble promise uh and I will post also the photo of my first dog (I will get it in september don't know when)

mercoledì 21 agosto 2013

The Trend Factor: Romantic


Floral crop top, €13 
Friis & Company high top shoes
Steve Madden backpack purse, €40 
1&20 Blackbirds satchel handbag, €27
Louis Vuitton photo, fall 2013 lingerie and fur on the runway

Here another polivore set that I create to explain 2 trend:
The flowers were a big trend for spring and now are back also in F/W I know it's strange but we see them a lot on the runway on Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton on his new lingerie for the night out, take your lingerie and an oversize tartan coat on and maybe a fashionable pink fur bag but yeah it's too much runwayed. So for young girls the trend it's a little bet difficult to follow without any mistake, don't worry I will do a little outfit.
These two trends complete a super romantic look with pastel colors, little flowers, lace, and furry things.

Don't worry I will next post some looks for explaining you better the trends if you have some questions leave them in the comments.

martedì 20 agosto 2013

The Trend Factor: PUNK

Let's Punk

Karl Lagerfeld lace up platform, €340
Dr. Martens boots, €82 
Fendi silvertone bracelet, €375
Laura Mercier lipstick, €23
Fendi photo, fall 2013 punk on the runway
Cara Delevingne model

This is only a little polivore set that I craete for you
This winter will be full of  rebel and black everywhere, chain, studs, punk fur, mohican crest, boots, grunge platforme and obviously Dr. M artens but also fluo.
The most undergroud subculture of the 70' is back on the runway and in our closet.
If you want to rock this trend buy a pair of Dr. Martens here only for  €82 (on the site there are also the $ & £)

The Trend Factor series

Hi beautiful girls, the summer is ending right, I know everybody is really sad but it will start another fantastic season (fall/winter) and everygirl should know the new fantastic trends.
There everywhere in all the magazine (GLAMOUR, GOIA, MYSELF...) but I think for me and the other young girls these trends are too much rainweyed (too much sophisticated and weird)
So I wanna write some post, explaining you what you can do to be on trend without be too much fashion victim right.
The trend are a lot (I will write about 25 big trends) and I can't write about all them in a single post I need more time and more space couse they're a lot. I  will also create some little outfits so it will be a lot easier to know how style the trends alone or mixed together.

From now till september I will continue writing this post and in every post at the end will be a little sneak peak of the future post.

Hope you will like that couse I just love writing and polivoring (Polivore) so I will be really happy also to answering you're question if you have some write them below in the comments.

lunedì 19 agosto 2013

Healthy & Strong > Tropical Fruit Purea

cook time
15 min.                             


  • 2 wikis
  • 2 peaches
  • 2 apricot
  • 1 1/2 bananas
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 cup water


  1. chop the fruit
  2. mix them in a pot with a the sugar and the water at low fire.
  3. pure in the refrigerator fot at least an hour and serve

Thank you so much

I know maybe for someone this number is irrelevant, but for me means A LOT  and also if I don't have any stable followers I know that somebody is reading my blog in the world ( I have more visit from the USA and less from Italy - my born country- couse I only write in english but I have also visit from Russia) and this is what keeps me active to posting and create (make-up, recipe, outfit and  DIY)

I know this last months I don't post a lot but now I absoloutly know that the pratics makes perfect also in a blog so more I will post and more I will learn and reiceve. I will never ever ever stop posting, couse I know that someday I will be one of the most important fashion blogger in the WORLD for now it's just a dream but it will be real.

So if you are one of my viewer (if I have one) or you have discover my blog (don't know how) and your reading this (hope that you read) please continue to visit it maibe contact me
( mail martiaustria@yahoo.it twitter @martiaustria tumblr @somewhereovertherainbowinthesky) couse I wanna know that someone is reading my blog everytime I post something and maibe have my blog in the favourite site please continue reading couse your the reason of the existence of this blog :)

                                       Thanks a lot !!


Summer Breeze Make-up


For this summer my hair are red with a hint of  orange shatush ahahaha

This make-up it's perfect for the summer nights on the beach, it's minimal with an hint of color super soft and punk at the same time.
As usual I create a simple line really thin and elegant but if you want you can do it more thigh to create a more punk diva look.
The mascara for this make-up is not so important couse the eye-liner will lift your eyes in a second :)

Products used:
-Match perfection 2-in-1 concealer & highlighter RIMMEL london (030 classic beige)
-Uniform foundation Bottega Verde
-Compact powder Debhora milano (24)
-Matt bronzing powder for brunettes Essence (02 sunny)
-Lip liner (yes you have read right I used it to give a nice red colour to my brows to match my new hair colour) Bourjois paris
-Brightening Eyeliner Coffee e.l.f.
-Eye shadow KIKO (118)
-Glam'eyes professional liquid liner RIMMEL london (black glamour)
-Glamourus eye pencil KIKO (408)
-Black + Long waterproof DEBHORA milano (01waterproof black)
-Matte lipstick KIKO (10)

Summer Breeze

you can find this look on lookbook here.
Tank Top: Bershka
Large Pants: Vertigo

domenica 18 agosto 2013

How to: Vanilla Crunchy Ice Cream

-Vanilla ice-cream or yogurt if you prefer
-Crunchy biscuits or muesli (with chocolate obviusly)
-Peunut butter
that's it the simplest recipe for paradise

Enjoy it listening Lana Del Rey while you're watching my tumblr.
Tell me your tumblr url in the comments and I will check it out with joy :) 

Soft Brown Smokey Eyes


This make-up it's super simple,  perfect for an everyday look but also good for a nightout if you darken it a little bet. The mascara is really important here so take a lot of coats and if you want add fake lashes :)
Products used:
-Match perfection 2-in-1 concealer & highlighter RIMMEL london (030 classic beige)
-Uniform foundation Bottega Verde
-Compact powder Debhora milano (24)
-Matt bronzing powder for brunettes Essence (02 sunny)
-Lip liner (yes you have read right I used it to give a nice red colour to my brows to match my new hair colour) Bourjois paris
-Brightening Eyeliner Coffee e.l.f.
-Brightening Eyeliner Coffee e.l.f. on the eyes smudge really well
-Gold from the natural eye pallette e.l.f. on the inner
-Black eye pencil KIKO (100) like an eyeliner on the upper line
-Black + Long waterproof mascara Debhora milano (01 waterproof black)
-Matte lipstick KIKO (10)

Mary-Lou Manizer from the Balm: the perfect gift

Here is the Mary-Lou Manizer from the Balm: an highlighter but also a shimmer eyeshadow
When I see  'the Balm' stand  here in Calabria at Gardenia (a shop like Sephora ) I was screaming for the happiness and then I realize that this will be the perfect gift for a girl you love so I bought 2 Mary-Lou Manizer for 2 of my bestfriend.
Sadly nothing for me :( but just had photograph these two beauty and I was in paradise.

I can't review these beautiful luminaizer but I can tell something:
it cost: $ 24  € 16.90  £25.95
where you can buy it: on the 'the Balm' site here or if you live in Italy in the Gardenia shop.

I will probably buy a the Balm product in Milan I love the Nude Tude if you have it tell me if I should buy it.

This post is not sponsored couse I'm not enough famous to be sponsored ahahhah