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domenica 25 agosto 2013

The Trend Factor: what's the perfect skirt ?

The Pencil Skirt

1. Hermes
2.Dolce & Gabbana
Yes, one is the pencil skirt, Too film noir ? No it's super elegant perfect for a buisness woman with some stiletto and a blazer (in the same colour of the skirt; so chic) with a belt on it or not doesn't matter but remember the waist is too important to be ignored.
I know what you are thinking you are a teenager (or something near that) and you don't know how or when/where wear this or you think is too over the age, Yes maybe it will be better for not more teenager woman, but if you really like that you can wear it for a job interview if you have a little job maybe a work in a fashion shop (uh if you don't know what wear at a job interview I will do a post with some outfits for the right occasions couse a work in a pizza restourant is really different from an apprenticeship in a law firm)

The Midi Skirt

Leather flared skirt, €110

Yes, this is the other trend factor skirt, long just below the knees Always cuntersunk and fluffy.
Wear with.. a coat, a cardigan, a bustier or a little jacket absouloutly cuntersunk and super little waist .
A real tribute at 'the new look' of the Monsieur Dior, the silhouette that a lot of fashion designers have rivisited.
Elegance now like the 50'


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