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giovedì 27 settembre 2012

 I not buy this shoes but i really love this, they are like jeffrey campbell litas but they cost only 50 € !


Tell me if you like this shoes and send me a picture of your favourite one !!!

mercoledì 26 settembre 2012

Wedding in Monday

I'm so sorry i know it's not monday but for this post i'm gonna show you a lot of beautiful photo idea and different ideas !

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lunedì 17 settembre 2012

Wedding in Monday

The Perfect Nail Polish  ................   For Your Special Day
- The Perfect Frech 
 - The Simple Rosie color

- The Jeweld Rosie color
- The Colarista
- The Perfect little sparkle
- The Fashionista Pink Glitter
- The Baroque Scent


In the next post the perfect photos idea                            

venerdì 14 settembre 2012

Healthy & Strong

Hi Dolls ,
Today i'm tall you some tricks, i know that i didn't post anithing since 2 months but now i'm ready to rock this new post with you !!!

My favorite exercise for the abs :

- The firt is the plank is super simple to remember i know it's hard but very helpful !

- This is called Scissors and it's perfect also for the legs !!

Now talk about 1 important habits to be healthy: drink a lot of water, yes is annoying but is very important for your body and your skin , if you don't remember take a big bottle (1 or 2 l.)
and take near you; like on your computer desk if you worked on stay at the computer.
But if you like me go to school and you don't want take too much heavyness in your bag take a bottle of 0,5 l and drink this when you're at school than when you stay at home drink another 1 l in a big bottle and it's perfect !
Remember don't forget to drink water and don't drink too much soda it's not healthy try some fruit  juice or some tea cold !!!
Here's another tips sign with a marker when you have to drink and so you that by the 8:00 you have to drink this part  it's genius !!
In the next week i will tell you about some helthy food and other things stay tuned to discover new tips
by everyone !

giovedì 13 settembre 2012

My experience with my elf Brushes

Hi  Dolls,
1 year ago i buy my firts brushes, the 10 piece brush set of elf.
At the first they was very beautiful but then the Face Brush and the Blush Brush began very uncomfortable and irritating on the skin very spiky not soft and silky like a beautiful new brush !
A brush in this set supposed to be the sponge brush I don't know what is and the little sponge fell off very quickly.
Then  now I begin to use the Foundation Brush and i'm not so happy I think it's not too bad but it takes the lines of the brush-hair  on your face and it's not so silky.
Today I use the brow brush and the other for the eyes and i like it.
The kit cost €13.50

What i used to wash them ?
I used the Brush shampoo always by elf and i don't like this beacouse have an horrible smell and ithink do the same think of my little hand soap that i use only for the brushes and take it super clean.
This brush shampoo cost €4.50

So ...

Don't spend money for the shampoo and find a good set of brushes.
My vote is 6 for the brushes and 5 for the shampoo.

I'm come back with other reviews very soon
tell me if you like this type of post and your experience with this brushes !