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mercoledì 26 giugno 2013

Take me down to the Paradise City

Triangle Tank Top : Brandy Melville
Belt: Mum's Closet
Skirt: Japan Gift

Vintage Vibe

Tank Top: Pull and Bear
Bandeaux: Brendy Melville
High Weisted Shorts: Telly Weil

Vintage Find

Hei hei I found this beautiful sheer shirt in my mum's closet and I have to used this for a look
It's super simple I pair this with some DIYed shorts and a bandeaux under the shirt.

martedì 25 giugno 2013

DIY Green Tea Mask/Scrub

Hei hei today: beauty DIY
for this mask you gonna need:
- green tea bangs (already used)
- honey
- rice flour
- cleanser

First drink your green tea then wait that the bags dry a little bet.
Pour the crash lives that are in the bags in a little boal and add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of rice flour if you want to use the misture as a mask  pour it on your face with alittle scrubbing motion and let sit for 5 minutes if you want to use the misture as a scrub ad a little bet of your cleanser to make it less sticky.
After the scrub/mask your skin will be a little bet red but don't worry it's really normal just rinse it with warm water and dray with a towel and don't forget to apply your mousturizer
(the skin will absorb a lot more)

and that's it don't worry couse I will come back with another post very soon.

DIY Knot Tank Top

Hei hei fashion lovers I'am back with another super simple DIY to change your boring tee in to a beautiful knot top.

You're gonna need:
- a top
- a pair of scissors
- your hands :)))

All you gonna do is cut a little piece right in the front of you shirt (only in the front)
and then combine in a knot the two pieces and voualaaa  SUPER SIMPLE right :))

martedì 18 giugno 2013

10 Summer Wardrobe Essantial

                               I made this with Polivore if you want to see  click hear
I haven't post for a while but I'm back promise and now it's summer, I will post so much things and continue the post on my headings (Site of the week, Wedding in monday, Healthy and strong..)
So back to this post, it's almost summer right and I'm gonna show you 10 important summer essantial that you must have in your summer wardrobe.

1. White T-Shirt: maybe a little bet large so you can pair it with everything
2. High Weisted Skirts: if it's black you can pair it with everything and then it's high weisted, it will be thinner you in the waist
3. Stripes: personally I'm an huge fan of stripes (top,pants,shorts,skirts) they goes really well with acid wash jeans and obviosly  Balck or White
4. Boyfriend Jeans: they're a very big trend but hey if you don't like it don't wear it
5. Crop Top: they're beautiful and perfect for the summer you can find a lot of different shapes, prints and color at Brandy Malville pair them with high waisted bottom (shorts or skirts) if you don't like show your tummy :)
6. Simple Dress: every girl should own a simple dress black or white  you can pair with shorts or rompers if you took the bottom of the dress in
7. Bandeaux: very beautiful in different color and prints you can take it under your shirts that have big hools or with dungarees etc
8. Light Weight Cardi in a beautiful White pastel color will be perfect for the summer nights o for the more cold days
9. Mini Skirt: duper simple you can pair it with oversize bottom or what you prefer
10. Dungarees, Pinafore and Rompers perfect with a shirt or a bandeaux under.

So that's all for today I hope you like this list if you want print this and take in your wardrobe or draw  your list if you do please send me a picture or write me it down this post in the comments