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martedì 23 dicembre 2014

New in

Makeup shopping and early Christmas presents

     H&M blush in pink and KIKO color sphere

 Mary-Lou Manizer

martedì 22 aprile 2014

5 ways to wear a skirt - 5 modi per indossare le gonne

This is a simple video where I show you how I stiled 5 of my skirts, will be up on my new channel with Lara very soon, Hope you will like it also if it's in italian :S

In questo video vi mostrerò come ho abbinato 5 delle mie gonne perfette per questa primavera, lo posterò a brevissimo nel nuovo canale che apriremo io e Lara spero vi piaccia :)

domenica 16 marzo 2014

My hair story

So today I'm gonna talk to you about my hair changes and story.
I've naturally dark brown hair but I Always want to change them so the first time was when I was almost 14 years old and I just do a shatush to my ends, I really loved them but with the treatment I damage a lot my ends, I keep the colour for almost a year and then I cut them a little bet to take off the most damage hair.
After that I dyed my hair red and I continue doing it for like 10 months or more now.
This summer they bacame multicolour so I went to the hairdresser and do a really good dye, they came off pretty well, I loved how they turned out.
Now I dye them with a proffesional die and they came out like I want so I'm happy with my hair colour but I continue doing mask to protect my hair.
my natural hair colour



good dye after summer

normal dye

professional dye at home (me now)

mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

It's almost spring yeah - make-up -

 Hi beautiful girls, today I was inspired by the spring that it's almost here, the sunshine in the air, the blossom flowers on the tree, I love them so I create this fresh spring look, as always is really simple and it's perfect if you want big sweet eyes.

Product used:
as always, you can see the preavius look
Velvet stick blush by Kiko (05)
-rose/coral shadow from the 120 fräulein pallette
-brown mineral shadow by E.l.f. (enchanting)
-the brown shadow from one of the 6 on the go pallette by E.l.f. (pretty picnic)
-white kajal by Deborah (117)
-purple lip liner used in the top line by Debby (1)
-Scandaleyes mascara by Rimmel (extreme black)
-Miss Manga mega volume mascara by l'oreal

domenica 9 marzo 2014

My illustrations and exercise

So yeah I'm also an "artist" or something similar, today I'm gonna show you some of my illustration draws and just sketches, hope that you will find inspiration and yes some of this are just copy of others illustration that I find on the internet .
 So this is a pen illustration -ispiration from American Apparel Sign
 Lana del Rey illustration -copy of a beautiful photo
 Water colour illustratio -ispiration/copy Normalnaya illustration (I love them)
Pen and Water colour illustratiion -ispiration a draw that I saw on tumblr
   Sketch -ispiration Wilona Hayashi photo
Totoro sketch -ispiration tattoo that I see on tumblr

 Sketch -ispiration photo on tumblr
Sketch -ispiration Wilona Hayashi photo
 Pencil Draw -ispiration another draw
 Sketch -ispiration Normalnaya draws
 My creation water color draw -ispiration agnes cecile illustration
So that's it for now I will post more drawings soon.

Brown Smokey with a twist

 So this is almost my every day and night out look, I love the browns mixed with this black liner that is not too intense.

Product used:
-Nude Magique eau de teint by L'Oreal (150)
-Match Perfection concealer by Rimmel (030)
-The Powder by Debhora (24)
-Accord Perfect mineral foundation by L'Oreal (N7) for contouring
-Black/Grey eye pencil by KIKO (100)
-Brown eye pencil by E.l.f. (coffee) as a base
-The brown eye shadow in the one of the 6 "on the go" pallet by E.l.f. (Pretty Picnic)
-Mineral Eyeshadow by E.l.f. (enchanting)
-Glam'eyes professional liquid liner by Rimmel (black)
-Volumeflash Scandaleyes mascara by Rimmel (extreme black)
-Studio Matte lipcolour by E.l.f. (tea rose)

                            So this is a better view of the eye make-up hope that you like it.