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martedì 21 agosto 2012

Fall & Back to School 1

I will write a lot of post for the Fall & Back to School Series, this is the first one for you girls,
I hope you like !!

 This first look is perfect if you want to bring a little bet of summer in your looks:
-the sweater and the leggins are super comfy and chic
-the boots up to the knee are a must for this season I prefer the leather one becouse are perfect for rainyday
- the sunglasses, the  floral clutch and the bracelet are the must for the summer
Mix this season for a perfect look for back to school

With the Uggs
I personally don't like a lot the Uggs becouse is like you have an elephant foot but are extremely comfortable and perfect for cold weather!!

Also in this look there is sweater and leggins with this classic Uggs some accessorize and this beautiful cheetah scarf ; all is in the warm tone .

This other is very similar with a teal accent !!
 This look is perfect if you are young !
 In this look I love this Uggs
With the Leather boots:
 this look are chic and comfy and I love these boots!!!

 I don't own these look, I will post my fall (Polivore) looks later!

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