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venerdì 14 settembre 2012

Healthy & Strong

Hi Dolls ,
Today i'm tall you some tricks, i know that i didn't post anithing since 2 months but now i'm ready to rock this new post with you !!!

My favorite exercise for the abs :

- The firt is the plank is super simple to remember i know it's hard but very helpful !

- This is called Scissors and it's perfect also for the legs !!

Now talk about 1 important habits to be healthy: drink a lot of water, yes is annoying but is very important for your body and your skin , if you don't remember take a big bottle (1 or 2 l.)
and take near you; like on your computer desk if you worked on stay at the computer.
But if you like me go to school and you don't want take too much heavyness in your bag take a bottle of 0,5 l and drink this when you're at school than when you stay at home drink another 1 l in a big bottle and it's perfect !
Remember don't forget to drink water and don't drink too much soda it's not healthy try some fruit  juice or some tea cold !!!
Here's another tips sign with a marker when you have to drink and so you that by the 8:00 you have to drink this part  it's genius !!
In the next week i will tell you about some helthy food and other things stay tuned to discover new tips
by everyone !

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