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sabato 6 ottobre 2012

September Favs

I think i'm gonna start to do my favourites of the months  !!

I've a little sample of this parfume and i reteraly love it is sweet with  floral scent !! 0 €
This mask by IROHA is my favourite mask ever beacouse have a beautiful smell and it's pell of yeah !!! 4 €

This is a soft face peeling and it's perfect for every mornig get ready and also smell very good !! 4€
This mask/ peeling have a very long duratenotr only 3 uses !!!
This is a serume for double heads of your long distroid hair it's perfect to take a beautiful appearance for your hair !!! 8 €
Now accessories favourites !!
1 Terranova  bandana 3 €
2 Neckless from a local store 5 €
3 DIY Fimo Moustache Neckless
4 Panda rings ACCESSORIZE 5 €
5 Feather Fake earings Bijoux Brigitte 5 €
6 H&M accesories for your pony-tail 4 €


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