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domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Shopping in the week-end

 Yesterday i do a little bet of shopping not too much don't worry !!
And i do it only because there was a lot of sales every where yeee

I buy this black and white sweater from ZARA for 16.99 €
and the other one with a detail in lace on the back is from Tally Weil for 15.50 €
and finally
a pair of black leggins from TEZENIS for 9.90 €
The silvel simple necklace is from Bijoux Brigitte for 14.90 I know it wasn't so cheap but i loveeee it ahahaha
The other silver necklace with all the geometric studs on it, is from Oviesse for only 3 € yeee
From KIKO (a famous cheap make-up store in Italy) I take a stippling brush (106) for 12 €
 and a cream pen concealer (02) for 4.50 €
Here finish my shopping sadly there wasn't a lot of beautiful cheap things.
Happy shopping if you will going to shopping and if you not happy day yeep ahaha !!

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