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domenica 9 marzo 2014

My illustrations and exercise

So yeah I'm also an "artist" or something similar, today I'm gonna show you some of my illustration draws and just sketches, hope that you will find inspiration and yes some of this are just copy of others illustration that I find on the internet .
 So this is a pen illustration -ispiration from American Apparel Sign
 Lana del Rey illustration -copy of a beautiful photo
 Water colour illustratio -ispiration/copy Normalnaya illustration (I love them)
Pen and Water colour illustratiion -ispiration a draw that I saw on tumblr
   Sketch -ispiration Wilona Hayashi photo
Totoro sketch -ispiration tattoo that I see on tumblr

 Sketch -ispiration photo on tumblr
Sketch -ispiration Wilona Hayashi photo
 Pencil Draw -ispiration another draw
 Sketch -ispiration Normalnaya draws
 My creation water color draw -ispiration agnes cecile illustration
So that's it for now I will post more drawings soon.

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