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domenica 9 marzo 2014

Brown Smokey with a twist

 So this is almost my every day and night out look, I love the browns mixed with this black liner that is not too intense.

Product used:
-Nude Magique eau de teint by L'Oreal (150)
-Match Perfection concealer by Rimmel (030)
-The Powder by Debhora (24)
-Accord Perfect mineral foundation by L'Oreal (N7) for contouring
-Black/Grey eye pencil by KIKO (100)
-Brown eye pencil by E.l.f. (coffee) as a base
-The brown eye shadow in the one of the 6 "on the go" pallet by E.l.f. (Pretty Picnic)
-Mineral Eyeshadow by E.l.f. (enchanting)
-Glam'eyes professional liquid liner by Rimmel (black)
-Volumeflash Scandaleyes mascara by Rimmel (extreme black)
-Studio Matte lipcolour by E.l.f. (tea rose)

                            So this is a better view of the eye make-up hope that you like it.

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