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martedì 25 giugno 2013

DIY Green Tea Mask/Scrub

Hei hei today: beauty DIY
for this mask you gonna need:
- green tea bangs (already used)
- honey
- rice flour
- cleanser

First drink your green tea then wait that the bags dry a little bet.
Pour the crash lives that are in the bags in a little boal and add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of rice flour if you want to use the misture as a mask  pour it on your face with alittle scrubbing motion and let sit for 5 minutes if you want to use the misture as a scrub ad a little bet of your cleanser to make it less sticky.
After the scrub/mask your skin will be a little bet red but don't worry it's really normal just rinse it with warm water and dray with a towel and don't forget to apply your mousturizer
(the skin will absorb a lot more)

and that's it don't worry couse I will come back with another post very soon.

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