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martedì 9 luglio 2013

How to: Starbucks Mango Iced Latte

Inspired to the Starbucks iced latte here is mine for you girl that like me don't have Starbucks in your country. Here in Milan we have Harnold Coffe but it's really expensive and very far from my home :(

However come back to the iced latte without more sadness :)

What you're gonna need:
-half milkshake-glass  of milk
-3 tbs of mango powder (the one water soluble that make instant juice)
-1ts of cinnamon (only if you really love it like me)
-dark chocolate souce
-oh don't forget the ice (maybe 8 or 9)

Take your milkshaker pour in the ice, the milk and the mango powder than mix it a little bet than take the cinnamon and pour the milkshake/iced latte in your glass add some ice cubes if you want and the dark chocolate souce on top (than draw circle with your straws) for a beautiful sturbucks vibe add wipe cream.

And don't forget to enjoy it :)) don't worry I'm coming back with a lot more Starbucks recipe maybe with my own imagines.

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