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venerdì 23 agosto 2013

So sorry another time

Hi girls yeah I can't continue and finish The Trend Factor series, here my internet connection is almost finished and now I'm writing with a tablet, everything seems perfect when I find a little problem with polivor: I can't place and replace the immage couse of the tuch so I can't create a polivore set and I can't post anithing on the newtrends. I'm so sorry with you but also so sad couse I really wanted to finish this series for september and the back to school is finally here.
I will try to post in a way that now I don't really know if I will can't don't worry couse the 2 september I will return in Milan and I will post thedouble promise uh and I will post also the photo of my first dog (I will get it in september don't know when)

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