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lunedì 19 agosto 2013

Thank you so much

I know maybe for someone this number is irrelevant, but for me means A LOT  and also if I don't have any stable followers I know that somebody is reading my blog in the world ( I have more visit from the USA and less from Italy - my born country- couse I only write in english but I have also visit from Russia) and this is what keeps me active to posting and create (make-up, recipe, outfit and  DIY)

I know this last months I don't post a lot but now I absoloutly know that the pratics makes perfect also in a blog so more I will post and more I will learn and reiceve. I will never ever ever stop posting, couse I know that someday I will be one of the most important fashion blogger in the WORLD for now it's just a dream but it will be real.

So if you are one of my viewer (if I have one) or you have discover my blog (don't know how) and your reading this (hope that you read) please continue to visit it maibe contact me
( mail martiaustria@yahoo.it twitter @martiaustria tumblr @somewhereovertherainbowinthesky) couse I wanna know that someone is reading my blog everytime I post something and maibe have my blog in the favourite site please continue reading couse your the reason of the existence of this blog :)

                                       Thanks a lot !!


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