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domenica 18 agosto 2013

What's in my Beach Bag

Here is my Beach Bag I find this here in my Calabria house so I don't spend nothing for it :)

And here is what I always take with me to the beach:
-a magazine (here GLAMOUR that I absoloutly love)
-sunglasses are extremely important (these are form H&M 4.99)
-giant hair clip, for my long ribelle hair is a must without it I'm lost
-cellphone with music,  (I never used it couse I never get bored at the beach)
-some hair and skin  care products I will say more after the next photo
-a big diva hat, I found also this here without spending a cent :)

And finally here are my hair and skin care products :
1 NIVEAsun   protect&bronze SPF20
2 Stick SPF50 for the more sensibily zone
3 Lipbalm, can't live without it 
4 Avène eau thermale, for the hottest days
5 Inebrya Ice cream sol, coconut hair protection oil a must for the beach

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