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domenica 25 agosto 2013

The Trend Factor: Bags, Mini or Maxy ??

Maxy VS Mini

Is really hard to decide the winner of this new epic war, one it's so big, you can take in it what you want but then the hard is  finding it, so much time wasted with the head in a bag but now there is the new mini bag where you an take with you at least your telephone and some money (as you can see from the photo is as little as the model's hand)
I know for the one like me that always take with them all the things that will maybe deserve it's really hard just thinking to go out with a bag so much little like that.
So you will thinking some like in the middle ahhahah yeah it exsits and don't worry if you don't like the excess you can always where what you like .
If you follow the trends but you hate them you will never be fashionable.
Find what you like more and where it.
More outfit will coming soon don't worry.

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