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martedì 20 agosto 2013

The Trend Factor series

Hi beautiful girls, the summer is ending right, I know everybody is really sad but it will start another fantastic season (fall/winter) and everygirl should know the new fantastic trends.
There everywhere in all the magazine (GLAMOUR, GOIA, MYSELF...) but I think for me and the other young girls these trends are too much rainweyed (too much sophisticated and weird)
So I wanna write some post, explaining you what you can do to be on trend without be too much fashion victim right.
The trend are a lot (I will write about 25 big trends) and I can't write about all them in a single post I need more time and more space couse they're a lot. I  will also create some little outfits so it will be a lot easier to know how style the trends alone or mixed together.

From now till september I will continue writing this post and in every post at the end will be a little sneak peak of the future post.

Hope you will like that couse I just love writing and polivoring (Polivore) so I will be really happy also to answering you're question if you have some write them below in the comments.

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