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martedì 27 agosto 2013

The Trend Factor: Crochet


Black pullover, €25
Comme des Garçons floral print sweater, €260
Floral print sweater, €25

Pull is cool is the watchword for this winter. Wool a 'go-go' and a lot of sweaters and pullover perfect for keep us warm.
The new version is the one with lovely flowers like the one that our grandmothers did when we were little.
Super rétro' and romantic, A little bet to grandson ?  It depends on how you stile it, for exeple in the first photo the style is a little bet too grandson but in the second one the style is a lot more urban also if is a floral crochet sweater.
So style them as you want to appear and have fun with all the type of crochet you like the most.
New outfit next.

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